Voor Nederlands


  assemble every Sunday at Burcht, Belgium.
    (Burcht is across the river from Antwerp.)

A friendly group of believers assembles in a rented room, Kerkstraat 50.
Bible study from 15 hours to 15:45.
Worship and the Lord's supper at 16 hours.

Because Antwerp is a metropolis, believers from many parts of the world come to stay here for a short or longer time. Everyone is welcome in our assembly, so you need not be surprised if people are present from various countries who speak various languages. The services are in English with a Dutch translation when required.

We assemble as a church of Christ. By this we mean that we are simply a local congregation of the church that Jesus built and of which He is the only Head. We are led by the Holy Scriptures. We preach the same good news (gospel) you can read about in the book of Acts.

We are easy to find: Map

Postal and contact address:
George Yankee
Columbiastraat 38
B-2030 Antwerpen
Tel: 03 292 52 66 (English, Akan); 011 314111 (English, Dutch)
E-mail: RoyDavison@oldpaths.net